Here, Hold My Wine! Robin’s Practical and Impractical Guide to Life: Vintage 2019


OK, so you’re checking out this book and you’re wondering if it’s any good. Well, I can tell you this much, if you ever find anyone who has been through as many things as I have and is still left standing, then you know I’m someone who can’t be stopped. I have had many people come to me and ask me how I became so successful in life. Well, I believe, it’s ‘the thought process’ that got me to where I am today. Nothing stops me from achieving my dreams. So now you are thinking, “is this is going to be one of those boring ‘self-help’ books that everyone writes?!” Well, you are wrong, my friend. When you read my original stories, or should we call them, ‘real life drama,’ the ‘things’ that happen to me are almost unbelievable experiences anyone could have, and with such bad luck. Bad luck…is there such a ‘thing?’ You know what they say about karma. I guess I have really pissed off someone along the way. So, should I tell you early on the crazy things that happen to me? Nah…I want you to read the book, so there you have it. But, I have always taken the ‘bull-by-the-horns,’ so to speak, and changed the direction in my life by having a certain ‘thought’ process. By sharing my stories of life’s ups and downs, I will hopefully give you a guide to my overall thought process, how I tackled each and every obstacle, and the decisions I made to keep moving forward in the direction I wanted. Hopefully, you can apply the way I approached challenges to make your life better. Cheers!


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