Robin F Anderson

Author of Here, Hold My Wine

Robin's start with writing came to her accidentally and has become a fun passion of hers since. She started writing for Women's Voices Magazine in 2015. In 2016, she was selected as a top 20 columnist by Women's Voices Magazine's CEO, and her work was picked up and syndicated in 147 countries by BizCatalyst 360.

  • University of Richmond Customer Experience Advisory Board Member 2020

Robin is syndicated in 147 countries with BizCatalyst 360! View her ongoing articles here:

Robin grew up in a small Virginia town called West Point.  Her first real experience outside of her home with her parents was within her Catholic school.  Robin had to attend church each day as part of her school learning. Robin attended the church school through 5th grade, then went to public school for the rest of her education throughout high school.

After attending a local community college, Robin then headed to Richmond, Virginia, for an opportunity within the business world. Her first job was with a stock brokerage firm.  After a year working as a bookkeeper, she decided she wanted to work where her brother was working, which was a Fortune 500 company, Reynolds Metals Company.  Little did Robin know that her experience within accounts payable, travel and procurement would propel her career for many years.

In addition to having a successful career at Reynolds for over 21 years, Robin started an accelerated school program at Averett University and earned her BBA and MBA.  Because of a school project, Robin consulted with a local company in Richmond and saved them $10 million dollars a year and ended up completely changing her career based on her successful consulting effort to get an A on her paper.

Robin was hired to work in the commercial credit card industry and ensued with exciting career opportunities with companies such as JPMorgan Chase, American Express, SunTrust Bank, MUFG Union Bank and most recently, Texas Capital Bank.

A seasoned conference speaker with IAPP, now referred to as IFO, IOFM, AP Now and Tomorrow, and a 2020 conference named National Cards and payments on Campus Conference.

Robin is viewed as an expert in her field and has become a trusted business consultant with her clients.

Fortunately, Robin has been able to travel extensively and has visited France, German, Italy, Switzerland and managed to work two weeks for business in Hawaii.

Fun Facts About Robin
  • Robin has been labeled of having a ‘Black Cloud of Travel’
  • Has a wicked sense of humor – always the life of the crowd
  • Hears great music and will dance by herself (with wine of course)
  • Had made it her life mission to help others
  • Has volunteered with American Cancer Society and ALS organizations
  • Speaks to graduating adult students to tell her story of success
  • Robin once convinced the President of her bank that she could take her clients snowmobiling rather than staying at the conference (now that is persuasion)
  • Robin is actually a formally trained dancer.  Her expertise is ballet, tap, modern, jazz and baton.  She studied dance for 14 years and is actually a qualified dance teacher.
  • Robin has been told she sparkles on the phone and has been told she has the best smile ever
  • Speaker for business organizations and once had someone chasing her down the hallway to be asked a question after she presented.  She later was able to present to the client and helped sell the client on her banking card process
  • Advocate for animals
  • Has mentored 6 people with various questions – business plans, business ideas, help when someone was losing their job, and helped with changing career focus
  • Her Mom told her she could talk to a brick wall.  Then where they were standing, Robin saw a brick wall and stepped in front of it and started to have a conversations.  Her mother was in tears with laughter!
  • Designed and had her dream home built.  Nobody ever thought she could do it, but she did.
  • Pays forward by helping people all the time.
  • Takes people on wine tours and buying parties when company comes to visit Virginia
  • Robin enjoys traveling all over the US and overseas as time permits and tastes wine all over.  She has learned so much and loves to continue to travel and learn more
Robin's Favorite Vineyards and Wines

13372 Shannon Hill Rd, Louisa, VA 23093

A grape was first cultivated in Richmond, Virginia, and is now the official grape of the State of Missouri.

Sweet Rhapsody
Fantastic white table wine, known by me and a good wine friend as, “Talk about your neighbors” wine. Great wine for sitting around on a hot summer’s day and eating lite fare of cheese and crackers for fantastic conversations.

Sweet Louisa — “Welch’s Grape Juice on steroids”
Although my palette has changed, this is still a great starter wine.

First chocolate wine in Virginia—received a gold medal. A fantastic dessert wine especially when served in a chocolate cup. Guests love this wine.

230 Newtown Rd, Greenwood, VA 22943

Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve 2009
Honestly, I love everything I taste at this winery. The winemaker is unbelievable. I actually take buying parties to this winery. Fantastic staff and the wines are fantastic, too.

600 Shirley Plantation Rd, Charles City, VA 23030

This winery really has a beautiful location on the James River. They have really great white wines and their reds are unbelievable. They have the best restaurant so be sure to make a reservation. You will not be disappointed!

Newberg, Oregon

Pinot Noir
Hans Clone Pommard—any year is great. This is one I am going to make it to one day. For now, I order a case every year to keep a supply on hand.

1 California Dr, Yountville, CA 94599 Napa Valley, California

Red Sparkling
Outstanding—you can only get this wine from the vineyard. I order a case every year.

1055 Atlas Peak Road Napa, CA 94558

Unique wine tasting in the caves.

Cabernet Sauvignon 2011
This bottle’s grapes were grown on Howell Mountain.

Russian River Valley Zinfandel 2013
Letting this one ‘cook’ a bit longer, but cannot wait to try—tasted from the barrel in 2014 that was bottled for me.

Via Romana, 139, 53024 Torrenieri SI Montalcino, Italy

Brunello 2004
Drank this one and it was fantastic. Still makes wines the old way. Winemaker/owner gave us a special tasting in 2010. Beautiful location.

291 Winery Rd SW, Floyd, VA 24091

Old Dog Blue
It’s a great standby wine that Virginians can get from a grocery store to share!